ViperHeadWhy Cans?

At Viperhead we favour using cans, but why?

Several reasons, but mostly so you enjoy our beer at its best..

  1. Cans are light so you can transport more at a cheaper cost
  2. Cans are must harder to break than glass is
  3. Most importantly for us is the fact that glass (even brown glass) allows the delicate hops inside our beer to diminish with ‘light strike’. Cans block 100% of UV light so you are guaranteed to get the longest shelf life that’s possible and preserving the Hop aroma to its maximum…

Cans in the US craft brewing scene are generally widely accepted and a big part of most breweries packaging schedule. The UK is well into the same approach and this is why we are starting to see more and more UK beers in Europe over the past 24 months….France however is at the beginning of this journey, and as with all things good and innovative, we want to be leading the way in France.