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Beer with a Bite

Focused on Hop lead brews, with a full range of stylesA UNIQUE RANGE OF BEERS

Viper Head focuses on Hops, and more Hops. Taking inspiration from the American Craft brewing scene, using the newest and brightest hops from around the world and very modern and sometimes innovative techniques to produce big interesting beers.
Chateau Pale ale ipa single bottle
Hazy Maisy new england ipa single bottle
Marauder Belgian IPA Single bottle
predator belgian ipa single bottle
Baltic Blueberry Porter craft ale single bottle
Cloudy Day double ipa Single bottle


Beer with a bite...

Never become too dull, too accommodating, a sap for fellow feeling, master of consensus.

Don’t let your metaphorical nostrils become too accustomed to the funk of life.

If indeed the diagnosis is correct…if we are reeling from the blows, drifting punch drunk, nauseous from our own ill-humour, then what we need today is a large intake of smelling salts.

Let us then pop the cap and take one long, deep breath, together…and banish the shear asininity in life… arousing consciousness together, high on the funk of Humulus lupulus!

Viperhead has two series; HEADLINER, which incorporates beers which are brewed regularly and available most of the year…and…FRONTIERE, which are one off limited production brews available mainly from the brewery direct and to a few select suppliers.


3 Marauder belgian ipa bottles large

Marauder BIPA

Belgian IPA
A traditionally brewed Belgian pale to mid beer with a smashing of Hops.


3 Predator belgian ipa bottles large

Predator IPA

‘Beer with Bite’
A bitter Double IPA flooded with hops – a true American IPA

€82.40 €85.28


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